2013 SPNO for Boys & Girls Registration
Susan Polgar New Orleans, Holiday Inn Downtown/Superdome
March 1-3, 2013
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  G/45 Main Event $45 by 1/10/13 $55 by 2/1/13 $65thereafter
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  Boys K-2   Boys 3-5   Boys6-8   Boys 9-12
  Girl K-2   Girls 3-5   Girls 6-8   Girls 9-12
  K-12 Reserve (Unrated)
  Camp $40 by 1/10/13 $50 thereafter
  Puzzles Championship $10 by 2/1/13 $15 thereafter
  Bughouse Championship $20/team by 2/1/13 $30 thereafter
Partnerís name:                  
  Blitz Championship $15 by2/1/13 $20 thereafter
Indicate section:   K-6   7-12
  GM Polgar Simul $25
  "Breakfast with Susan" Sunday Brunch at Brennan's Restaurant (Paul Morphy home)
$55 adults $30 children
    Adults     Children
  Commemorative Tee-shirts with players names on the back: $18
Indicate size:   Youth Medium   Youth Medium   Adult Small
  Adult Medium   Adult Large   Adult X-Large
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City, State Zip:                   Chess NOLA
459 Audubon Blvd.
Signature:                     New Orleans, LA 70125